We are working diligently to safely bring inspiring dance training to the young people of our community. As soon as we are allowed to reopen we will be in compliance will all national and local safety standards. Please send an e-mail to info@ming-haiwu.com so we can inform you of our reopening date. All responses are held in strict confidence.


Is an introduction to ballet that instills appreciation 

for the art form, enhances coordination, tone and 

presence for all children 5 to10 years.



Builds basic skills and strength in preparation for 

professional training. Emphasis is placed on discipline, 

form development and self esteem for children 

10 to 17 years.



This class develops strength, skill and classical technique 

for danse en pointé. Prerequisite: Intermediate Course



This class teaches the development of characterization

through the language of classical ballet.

Prerequisite: Intermediate Course



This class explores the evolution of dance in the 20th 

century and develops a capacity to interpret jazz 

forms in movement.Prerequisite: Intermediate Course



This class teaches techniques for character development 

including mime.Prerequisite: Intermediate Course.



The creation of routines for competition or performance.

Three-minute routine: $200.

one hour each class, 

one class per week: 

$17 per class


one hour each class, 

two classes per week: 

$16 per class


one hour each class, 

three classes per week: 

$15 per class



Private classes with Mr.Wu 

are available for intensive role

preparation, preaudition 

counseling or to work on specific 

developmental problems. 

one half hour: $40, 

forty-five minutes: $45, 

one hour, $60.



A one-time registration fee of 

$15 is required of all students.